Sorry for being so late this week guys, life has been a bit busy this week.

So last week I showed you a bit of Roc and Gabe at their worst….how about a little taste of them at their best?

This Weeks Tease:

“Don’t get me wrong, I love women. I love the way they smell. The way they walk. The way they’re soft where I’m hard.” Roc slid his rough hand along Gabe’s jaw, pushing slightly forcing Gabe to meet his eyes. “But don’t think for one goddamn second that the thing that gets me off the most is being buried so deep in your body I don’t know where you end and I begin.”

As far as romance in Roc’s book went, Gabe was pretty sure he just got promises He wasn’t sure Roc knew he was making.


“Just shut up and let a guy tell you he loves you.”

“You never said anything about love.” Gabe’s lips twitched as Roc gave him a dark look. “You only said something about being balls deep in my hot ass.”

Roc growled, his kiss effectively killing off Gabe’s giggle. “Mouthy little shit.” Roc breathed across Gabe’s sensitive lips.

“I love you too Roc. I love you too.”

As always don’t forget to swing by the other author’s pages for a little tease!

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