They call me Meredith


So you’ve stumbled upon my humble little blog. Please, sit. Relax. Keep reading.

I suppose you’re wondering who this crazy woman is, yes?

Well, they call me Meredith Daniels. Or more accurately, I chose to call myself Meredith.

Pleased to meet you.

Like so many authors I’ve decided to use a pen name. Not for any particularly nefarious reason outside the idea that it makes my life a little less complicated. How can creating a whole new person be easier you ask? Trust me, it does. Probably for the same reasons so many other authors choose to write under another name.

So who am I?

I’m a writer. And I come fully equipped with all the personality quirks that lofty title entails. It takes a certain kind of person to create a whole new world on the page. My particular worlds usually contain two people who desperately need to be loved.

I never set out to be a romance author. There was no adolescent epiphany. No stunning ah-ha moment. No voice of God stating I shall write romance. Now, hold on before you scoff. I didn’t say I wasn’t drawn to writing. I lived for telling stories. Needed it like oxygen, or water. Or chocolate. When I set out to write my first story, the idea that it would be a romance never entered my mind until I made it to that first love scene. It just flowed from me and I knew that this was what I was meant to be doing. Even if it wasn’t an obvious conclusion, somewhere in my writerly subconscious I KNEW sharing with readers how people find love was what I needed to be doing.

So hello, I’m Meredith Daniels and I write romance.